Developing Quality Workflow

What Is Workflow and How to Get the Best out of It

What is Workflow?

“The sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.” –

Developing quality workflow comes with being human. You can’t be a successful person without becoming good at workflow. What is a quality workflow?  How do we develop it?  Below are elements of the production cycle that most creative people move through as they create something.  First, we must identify the stages of project production. What is each stage and what are the quality checks for each stage.  Read on and find out!

Stages of creation Development


  • Tools you should use to create inspiration is trying to look at the real world from a different perspective. If you’re at a roadblock, take a break and something will come to you.
  • Ask yourself, is this really what I want to do? Is this what I want to dedicate my time too?
  • I think the measure of quality depends on the person. Someone might hate your work and someone who loves it.
  • Everyone who sees your work is who considered your work good or bad.


  • Make sure you do what you do for the right reasons.
  • Are you creating your project for a valid reason? Or is it for something that isn’t worth your time money?
  • You measure quality intention by looking at how hard they are working on their project. If they don’t really care, they probably don’t have good intentions.
  • Everyone, who sees your work is judging your good or bad intentions.


  • Tools we should use during pre-production is everything around you to help you brainstorm ideas. The internet is a great place to find information and check your work to make sure it makes sense.
  • Start with an idea and keep building off of it until you believe it’s exactly what you want.
  • You measure quality by the best of your ability, what do you think your audience will like? If you don’t think they will like what you have come up with, pick a different idea.
  • The audience around you sees what you do with your work and how it evolves.


  • Make sure you have good actors playing the parts of your film. If you don’t have the right fit, then the film could be ruined.
  • Take it one take at a time, don’t rush. If you have a take that’s good but not perfect, just do it again.
  • As a director or producer you should know whats good and not good about your film and how to fix mistakes.
  • The director and producers and writers measure the quality during production.

Post Production

  • Double-check everything in your project. Don’t put in a whole bunch of work just to wing it in the end. You’re almost done.
  • Start with going through all the takes then editing out what you don’t need and make a raw cut. Then add animations of the film.
  • By watching everything back that you make. Work with what footage you got and make it work.
  • Everyone who watches the film is who measures the quality of the film.

Presentation Performance

  • Use the internet to get your project out in the world. Publish it everywhere you can. Also, market your film before letting it get out into the world. Make people wait for it.
  • Start with marketing your project to the world. Get people to be interested in it. Once you have an audience who wants to watch it, set a release date.
  • You measure the quality of the performance to see how many people watch the film and like it.
  • Film critics and everyone who watches the film is who measures the quality of the film.


  • Use an internet website that rate and review your film. Whatever the people say is probably right. The customer is always right!
  • Ask friends and family to give you honest feedback so you know what you can do better next time.
  • You measure quality feedback by getting genuine answers from people you can trust to give you the truth.
  • You, the person making the film is truly the one who measures the quality of the film because you are the one who made it. You are the one who knows how much work was put into it or not put into it.

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