60 Second Flim: A Typical Day in Lockdown


This short 60-second film is about the beginning of the coronavirus and the effect it had on our daily lives. When we had to quarantine for months on end it was very hard for everyone I presume. In this short film, I portrayed a teenager in lock-down and what a regular day was like. The goal of the film was to show how discouraging and BORING those couple of months were and how hard it was for teenagers to get back into regular life. (life is still very different but a lot better than how it was from late March to July)

Feedback Questions

  • Was it clear through the film what I was trying to portray?
  • Could you relate in any way?


  • “Great use of POV camera use, the grand music is solemn feel and time-lapse stuff is beautiful. Clear message and definitely related to the character in bed with a laptop!” – Brian
  • “Was a good representation of what almost everyone’s lockdown was like so it made it relatable” – Cooper C
  • “Yes, it was clear what you were trying to portray – I enjoyed the time-lapses used to show the passage of longer amounts of time.” – Francis
  • “The delay of the text at the end reveals the rinse repeat since such a short film and works for me.” – Brian
  • “Great job capturing the mood of quarantine. I could very easily relate to the film because of its great use of music and shots.” – Reese
  • “I don’t think the ideas were super clear about how it’s an everyday thing since the explanation was at the very end. I do think the idea is relatable about how quarantine is very repetitive and I really liked how you used time-lapse to show the mood and feeling. ” – Naomi
  • “Thought the idea was very relatable, but it would’ve been great to see the idea of repetition communicated without the text explanation at the end” – Josie

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