Evidence of Editing: Now You See Me (2/11)

  • In this clip, there were a lot of standard cuts and cuts between the fish tank and the clock trying to make continued suspense. Then when she couldn’t get out of the chains she proceeded to scream underwater and the shot got close to her face showing how scared she was “It was all acting as you could see it was a magic trick.” This continued to make even more suspense for the watcher. They had a couple camera shots from the top with the piranhas all the way down the fish tank below where the lady was about to be dropped in.
  • One thing I liked about the film clip is that if it’s the first time you are watching it, you would have had no idea that in the end it all worked out and she got out of the tank safely. It really did look like she was getting eaten and she was acting the part very well. Also, the shots between her and the clock ticking down really make the watcher on edge the whole time. Even though I’ve seen this movie multiple times, watching it know what was going to happen still had me anxious to see what would happen next.
  • This whole movie actually has many really cool editing examples, there is one clip when they are passing a card from a card dec around in a really cool way. This one was in the second movie “Now you see me 2”.
  • Everything about it, the music, the camera angles, and the card movements was all so cool and fun to watch.
  • Some things I learned from this week’s exercises were about the different cuts in editing and also, I learned how editors make movies a lot more interesting with sound and different camera angles and zoom.

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