A Typical School Day: Feedback

( with edit titles)


  • My project is a less than a minute film about what a typical online school day is like. I decided to show my making coffee because it is essential for me to get up and get ready for the day. Then I show me doing math homework and then an English assignment from my bed. I tend to do work on my bed a lot when I’m feeling lazy.


  • High school student ordinary day in online school.

Intent / Goals

  • FOR YOU: One technical goal I made for myself as an editor was to make sure the edits and cuts I made were clear what they were and you could clearly see what kind of cut or edit I did. One Creative goal I made for myself was to try something new when filming and I came up with an idea to do an invisible cut with no coffee to coffee made.
  • FOR THE PROJECT: I wanted this short film to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to watch. I wanted to get straight to the point and just show a conventional day in the life of a highschool online student.


  • I rewatched the 13 edits youtube video about five times just to really grasp what each edit was really about and how to make it happen.
  • I thought that their examples in the video were really easy to understand and they explained each cut very comprehensibly.


  • Was each cut shown easy to decipher?
  • Did all of the cuts blend together and make sense inside the film?

Peer Feedback

  • The fade-out cut was not necessary
  • The standard cut putting the cup on the table needed intention also

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