Film – Week 7 – Tools, Time, and Rooms

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In this class this week was pretty good. I love that there is no busy work. Just the kind of work I need to learn about film.


  • I chose IMovie as my film/video editor. I have it already on my Mac and iPhone. When I was young I used to make videos and edit them on there, so I already am familiar with the tools and everything.
  • I found a youtube channel called VideoZues that has multiple videos on using iMovie as an editor. How to Learn how to shoot and edit better online videos with expert video editing tutorials, video production techniques, and video marketing strategies is what this youtube creator has to offer.


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  • From doing this introduction to sneak on the lot I learned a lot about the website! It looks like a really helpful website to get your to name out there. I also think it’s a really good Idea giving people points because it motivates people to keep going. I can’t wait to use this once we make actual films!


  • Today was a tricky day, I got so much homework! With three zooms a day, with some being a whole hour and a half long, it doesn’t give me much time to do the homework my teachers give me. On top of the homework, most days I have soccer practice. Not just one practice, but two. I have highschool soccer practice then club practice right after that. There just isn’t enough time in the day for me to get everything done! Somehow, I make it work. The way I get done with my work? Stay up past 1:00am doing homework. That is my trick to finishing all of my work. I don’t find this to be a very health technique, but it’s the only way for me to get everything done on time. If I don’t do any work one day, I get double behind for the next day. It’s a never-ending cycle of WORK WORK WORK! If I didn’t have zooms, I bet I could get all of my work done for the day in the time of a school day. In my opinion, zooms are the biggest waste of time of ALL TIME. Most of the time all teachers do is explain the assignments they are giving for the day, with extra random things on top of that. The film is the only zoom class that I can tolerate because it is right to the point. The rest of my classes usually use the whole hour and half time AND give homework. I would keep ranting, but I already went past the time I’m supposed to use.

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